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Snow Boarding VS Snow Tubing?

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Have you ever gone to Ski Resorts and stood at the bottom of the hill looking at all the people skiing down the slopes or even snow boarding?... I know I do.  For some strange reason my thought has always been "That looks like fun and I bet it is so easy!". Oh boy, was I wrong!.... First of all, the extent of my experience in the snow is:

1. Complaining about how cold it actually is 

2. Making a very strange shaped snow ball

3. Sliding down the snow tube or toboggan (mind you I made my little brother carry it up the hill)

4. Making sure my outfit is cute

Snow Boarding VS tubing

Snow Boarding vs tubingSnowBoarding Vs. tubing

To put it lightly I am a novice at best. I have always seen snow tubing as so much fun, all you have to do is carry the tube up the hill, sit in the tube and enjoy the ride down the hill. So, why would I think snowboarding would be the same, or at least in theory it would be?  Yes, you go up the lift and have to board down the hill, but besides those two points there is not much that is similar between tubing and boarding.

First of all there is this concept that I clearly lack, its called balance. I always thought I would be good at it, but after falling on my face and butt multiple times (shown in the pictures), I came to the conclusion, I cannot balance. Once you finally find your balance and are able to stand, you still have to make it down the slopes.  It is so much harder than it looks, you don't go straight down like you would in a tube, you have to "S" shape your way down. Then once you finally get some speed and are making it down the hill, you gain some confidence (well, at least I did) and for some reason start thinking that you are Shaun White or Hannah Teter and do tricks. Nope, I am definitely not them, the most "air" I got was when my feet were going over my head after I lost my balance trying to turn.

To conclude, Snow boarding can be fun once you get past the pain of constantly falling and you will wake up sore from your abs and legs (depending how many times you fell, your arms will be sore as well) So you get the benefit of a workout. While snow tubing is easier on your body both activities will guarnatee hours of fun.