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A day tubing in the Snow

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      Growing up in Southern California our idea of fun consists of packing up our bathing suits, sun block, life jackets, wet suits, surf boards, jet skiis or boats and heading to the beach. This is one of the perks of living in the part of the state where the seasons consist of Summer, HOT Summer and Really Really HOT Summers. Let's be honest, to us anything under 72 degrees is UGG boots and oversize sweater season. We don't really know what cold really is. 

Devon Snow tube Fun

      So what happens when we hear that Northern California got some snow fall?             I'm not talking about the fake snow that Ski Resorts usually have to make in order to make some business, but real actual snow! The type of snow fall that is so cold that we can feel it in our bones. Do we say "oh that is cool, good for them!".... NO!  We text all of our friends and family and tell them to pack all the warm clothes they could possibly have in the back of their closets because this weekend we are driving up north and playing in the snow!!!

      Needless to say that is what we did last year. We bundled up the kids, found our inflatable snow tube that we bought thinking "One day this will come in handy" and drove up 8 hours to real snow and gave the kids a memorable day in the snow. Once they got over the shock of how cold snow actually is, they had a blast taking turns going up and down the hill in the inflatable tube.

     This was a day that we will not forget full of laughter and family fun. As an added bonus the kids were so drained from playing in the snow that the ride back home was mostly quiet with the exception of a couple snores here and there. For this year we are already looking into getting some Toboggan Sleds or some Saucers and if the weather permits making this year another memorable moment.